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Contact each other

We have removed the online lists due to privacy concerns, but if you'd like to try to contact someon specific (for legitimate, non-network-marketing related reasons) e-mail the webmaster.
On Facebook?  Join the "Bradley Central High School - class of 1982" Facebook group page!  See pics, connect with friends, make clever comments commiserating--er, celebrating the passage of time.  (If the link doesn't take you there, search by the title).
You might  find some more alumni at   


Contact the committee

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E-mail updates to Mark Hall Webmaster


   The reunion committee includes (or has included) the following (roles have changed but the names are the same):

Email your info or questions to Kelly Newman Smith, Ricky Mikle or Kelley McLain Massey (and other highly-valuled volunteers):  

Call:  (423) 339-3933 (Tony Pharr)

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Some of the committee at the 20th.
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Bradley Central High School

Bradley County Schools

Museum Center at 5ive Points in Cleveland

Cleveland/Bradley County Chamber of Commerce

Cleveland Daily Banner

Chattanooga Times Free Press



"My life as a bear" by Elvis Wilson