It was truly fascinating to see everyone at the reunion, especially to see who looks different and who looks the same.   For the most part, our lives have all taken separate paths since high school, taken many of us to places far away, or through experiences we could only imagine in high school.

We had a lot of options to choose from at graduation, and it's always interesting to think: "what if we had taken that other road?"  This is especially true for relationships. 

Getting together reminds us of those old romances we thought would never end…but they did…

those heartaches we thought would never get over…but we did…

and those nights we secretly followed that special someone home and stood outside her window all night, just to make sure she was behaving herself….

Anyway, thanks to computer technology we can now see what the results would have been if some of our class had paired up and had kids. I was kind of out of touch with who was dating whom back then and even more now, so I just for fun I picked on the Superlatives, and a couple others who were "superlative" in their own way (for better or worse).

So let's see what the results would have been ….IF THEY HAD WED.